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There are some very basic rules that need to be followed to make absolutely certain that the highest number of QUALIFIED Buyers see your home... there are also some very complex rules, but if these basic rules are not followed, the number of prospects who see your home will suffer! Check these basic rules out:

1.  Pricing is not just critical because buyers and agents know the market, but the actual "Price" of your home is so important, you cannot even imagine.  The actual number you use as your price will play a HUGE role in determining how many buyers see your home.  The sad thing is that the vast majority of agents are still pricing homes like it was 1991, when in reality, the Internet has changed the rules dramatically.  

There are logistical reasons and there are psychological reasons to use the right number to price your home... this basic rule is too important not to know!

2.  It is just as important to know how and why online advertising will or will not work for you as it was to know hoiw and why magazines and newspapers of 20 years ago would or would not work.  Unfortunately most agents treat online ads just like they did those ads of old... they place them with virtually no knowledge of what draws responses and what doesn't. 

Did you know that not only the days of the week, but the time of day your online ads run can mean twice as many buyers will see your home?  Did you know that the number of pictures is a huge factor, in some ads you need more, and in others you need less to get more buyers to look at your home... sadly, very few agents know the difference.

3. There are specific ways to draw more traffic to your home quickly online. Many agents think it is just a matter of time before buyers start seeing your home online, when in reality, that timeline can be rushed with some simple steps.  The problem here is that it is time consuming and takes a little extra effort to accomplish the basic steps needed for quicker exposure to your home.... once again, only a fraction of real estate professionals take these steps.

In Summary, please feel free to contact me, I am happy to show you the detailed answers to all of these "Basics" if you would like to meet for a quick interview... no hassle, no obligation.  If you would like the specifics, just order it here and I am happy to send the detailed report on the "Basic" real estate rules.

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