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The "5 Star Pre-Inspected Home"  means you make more money and sell your home faster... sure every agent makes those promises... I even learned those lines in the first real estate training course I ever took.  

The truth is that every one wants to accomplish exactly that, but because we specialize in target marketing to buyers who want a home just like yours, we use the "Star Pre-Inspected Home"  preparation and marketing plan, we do it better than any one you will meet! 

Because we ask the right Questions:

First - What specifically needs to happen for your home to sell for Top Dollar, and can we actually complete the needed steps to accomplish that?

We can, and do follow a process to accomplish those steps precisely, and because we do, you pocket more  cash at closing... it takes slightly more time, and effort, but our sellers think it is well worth it!

Second - How do we find the buyers who want what your home offers? 

To begin with we will "measure twice and cut once"... unlike most agents who are looking forward to getting your home on the market as quickly a possible, we assist our sellers in a 5 step process that prepares their home to show its very best, to sell faster, and to sell at Top Dollar!

Its interesting, in over 27 years in Austin real estate, no home owner has ever told me they don't really want to get the most money possible, so we implement a plan that results in exactly that.

The biggest complaint about agents is they all do the same things... if that is true then they would all get the same results.

That's why we follow a proven 5 Step Process... no one else does it, and that's why no one else gets the same results we do. 

Meanwhile - Your Home is AGGRESSIVELY PRE-MARKETED DURING this Preparation Process... 

Next we "target" market to buyers who want what you have in order to have the highest quality prospective home buyers see your home.

So, get our "5 Star Pre-Inspected Home"  marketing plan and let us know if and when we can help.

Remember... you have a special home, so someone who treats it that way, and get the Maximum Value for your home!